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TalkBox is a voice messenger on mobile that allows users to exchange, share and publish their voice messages in an unprecedented way.

The Story of TalkBox

The idea is initiated from - there ought to be a better messaging way? With much craving for speed and yearning for a freer form of expression, TalkBox was born.

People gave us lots of names, some said we're an instant voice messenger, some said we're a global walkie talkie, some said we're a voicemail service, we'd like to think of TalkBox as a springboard of voice messages.

Your voice is carefully curated and delivered by TalkBox voice bubbles of maximum 1 minute in length. TalkBox makes asynchronous voice chats possible. Saying good morning to the world by sending a voice post using Agent Twitter or Agent Facebook; talking to an oversea business acquaintance without having to schedule an appointment; brainstorming a new product ideas with the team using group chat; when a goodnight kiss is sent to your traveling parents, a good morning sound cuddle will be received.

Syncing with Multiple Contact Lists

Embrace the liberty of using TalkBox on multiple devices, without missing out any messages. You manage your TalkBox contacts in the cloud. Here's how we see your TalkBox contact list - you can choose to sync from multiple devices with your address book, your Facebook friend list, or manually add friends by TalkBox username. Your TalkBox contacts are stored in our secured cloud system and can be retrieved anytime from any new devices from which you log in your TalkBox account.

Be Considerate

Unlike dealing with phone calls, don't be obliged to reply right away. Enjoy the gratifying delay and listen to the messages whenever you want.

Fast and Intuitive

You talk the message and TalkBox delivers it instantly. No more typing hassle; no more uploading and downloading voice notes. TalkBoxing saves your time.

Collaborative Experience

Who says conversation has to be one-to-one? Experience TalkBox's powerful group chat to engage up to 9 people in a single conversation.

Borderless and Free

We shouldn't be confined by location and time. Not only can you send messages whenever and wherever you want, your friends can choose to listen to them whenever and wherever they are.