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TalkBox empowers business communication with Teamwork and PTT
We over here at TalkBox have been working extremely hard on our newest, and most exciting products, TalkBox Teamwork and TalkBox PTT! Both Teamwork and PTT are designed and optimized for different types of business internal
Gilman Yu @ 29 August, 2013
Introducing TalkBox Button SDK
The TalkBox team has been building powerful voice chat application for more than 2 years and now we would like to extend the amazing voice chat experience to all developers by introducing TalkBox Button SDK. With this SDK, developers are able to integrate a TalkBox Button into their apps seamlessly and empower their app with simple...
Gilman Yu @ 10 June, 2013
Use your smart phone to enter audio contest
Hisense Is Looking For The Best Voice! Use the TalkBox Voice Messenger mobile app to submit your entry for the Hisense Audio Logo and Music Jingle Contest. It can be as simple as saying “Hisense” on you phone.
Gilman Yu @ 28 December, 2012
Be a primer of your team
Nonetheless, when you see things moving slowly, don't you always say to yourself "how difficult that task could have been? Why it takes forever and it's still not done!" That's the moment you know you wanna be a primer and if that moment hits you, please ignore the system for a while.
Jacqueline Chong @ 30 July, 2012
If you ever ask me about innovation again...
Resources are unequal but grey matters is non-discriminative. As a startup, our responsibility is two-fold, 1. refuse to accept that there is only one answer; 2. find new questions to ask, don't let the "already success" defines the problem for us. Startups are blessed with an instinct to discover latent user needs.
Jacqueline Chong @ 07 July, 2012
Check out the latest video!
Gilman Yu @ 28 May, 2012
Announcing TalkBox for Windows Phone
The wait is finally over. We are excited to announce TalkBox for Windows Phone is now available for download at Windows Phone Marketplace. After our pilot program, we have collected very positive feedback on our product and quite a few suggestions in terms of features and UI design. We take your inputs seriously...
Gilman Yu @ 22 May, 2012
TalkBox gets a BIG update for Android
TalkBox gets a BIG update for Android – More friends, better group and much higher performance. We all know you have Facebook and that's why we bring in Facebook connect to make your life easier! Now you can sign up/ login by only 1 click with the new Facebook login button...
Gilman Yu @ 13 May, 2012
Sign up and be the first to experience TalkBox on your Windows Phone
TalkBox for Windows Phone is now being submitted to the Marketplace and pending for approval. You can SIGN UP your email at our page and we will notify you once TalkBox is available for download on Marketplace.
Gilman Yu @ 07 May, 2012
The Windows Phone Halo Effect
If you think communication should be easy then you know that’s why we made our app and TalkBox is for you. No matter if it’s with friends, family or the people you work with every relationship benefits from messaging that is fun and easily...
Gilman Yu @ 20 April, 2012